Cleansing negative thoughts and emotions  


Our Light Body is a big energy field which surrounds us. It is far bigger than the aura and contains, for example, all the channels (clairvoyance, healing, etc.) through which we receive information from the spiritual world.

It also contains spirals or funnels into which our thoughts and emotions flow. There is a funnel for negative and fear-based, one for positive thoughts, and one for emotions. These funnels rotate slowly and cleanse and transport what flows into them.

If the thought funnel fills with negative thoughts faster than it can process them it overflows into the emotions funnel. When this happens we begin to feel unpleasant emotions which do not appear to have a cause. When, in turn, the emotions funnel is loaded too much the energy is absorbed by the physical body. Next it goes on to join and strengthen collective energies. Every time negative energy is passed on like that we experience this, but in a seemingly unconnected way, thereby not realizing that some of the physical symptoms or unpleasant situations in our lives began with our overflowing thought and emotions funnels.

Cleansing the thought and emotions funnels and strengthening the funnel which absorbs the positive thoughts can bring about major changes in our lives.



Except where otherwise stated 45 Euro for (up to) the first 45 minutes. After that the hourly rate of 60 Euro applies. Sessions may take an hour or longer, depending on your needs.